“I don’t know what I’m doing here…”

You won’t get that answer from there either, so it’s not surprising that you don’t know. Then how do you find out?

I have felt for a long time: who is going to tell me what I (come to) do here?

I was searching and I had learned that the answer could be found outside of me. Yet I started coaching in 2012 next to my regular job. Without papers, without experience. That felt right at the time, so I did it. I attracted people who wanted to know more about high sensitivity and giftedness that I had just discovered myself.

There was no help for me, so I would be the help for the other.

That turned out to be the golden egg.. to follow my feeling and experience whether it was right? Yes! Until a certain moment and then I made a different choice. It took no less than 8 years before I was finally convinced of my own abilities.

I didn’t have a coach for that, but in phases of experience I came closer and closer to myself.

Until I discovered the trauma of Only Born Twins and I wanted to do ‘Inner Child’ therapy to make my foundation strong and stable for the next choice(s) in my life.
That would have been being a driving instructor at the time (I worked for years in Supply Chain management) but through yet another experience I realized that it was time to go full-time for my own abilities.

Coaching felt most right at that time.
Six months later, business coaching felt most right.

Now I feel my soul expression as a psychic to guide others in this process not to have to struggle 8 years like me, but to be there and help wherever I can.

Why am I sharing this?

You find out by experiencing whether something suits you or not.

1) You feel something.
2) Make the choice. Do not be afraid. You can always change your choice again.
3) Experience it.
4) Does it still feel good?
5) No? 👉🏻 new choice. Yes? Go on with it.

A lot of people ask me what they do here. In this way you can arrive at your answer, but then FEELING is still necessary. I help them further through guidance in HOW to do this. I have already been able to guide such beautiful and important people in this. See the beautiful comments here.

But the other day I realized something about this…

It is not so much about the answer you want, but if ‘the deeper sense of self’ can be felt. So the process is actually the other way around: “To know is to feel.”

To know is to feel

There are so many beautiful souls on Earth right now who have not yet fully landed in their bodies. That’s why you don’t feel your soul plan yet. There is no space to express it yet. Your humanity is not yet a collaboration, but separate elements that sometimes block things, but can also cause noise.

I previously gave this ‘healing’ to them offline in order to fully feel the connection and thus also to clarify the potential. You could call it some sort of coding to continue the amalgamation that you lose after birth.

For I am a healer, which I now mainly apply through wisdom, I use the infusion of words to purify your energetic system (my form of guidance). But here in Spain people feel that they want/need to be in my energy, which invites me to visit them (the next choice for me). My energy clears them of blockages, give clarity and insight information, so that more and more can be felt.

I’m not doing anything for this; this is my natural state of Being. My deepest calling is presence. This is my experience of the past 2 months here in Spain.

It is a kind of Soul retrieval, only then you are touched to let your soul descend into your body. As you know I work with people on the merging of human & soul, so not only the descent but also the expression.

♥️ you are so needed right now.

That’s why I’m going to do 4 things starting in 2022:

  • offline Soul embodiment where I visit you.*
  • giving offline workshops about mediumship and I channel information for people.
  • online guidance after you have received the answer in a Soul Readings to give space to & propagate the soul expression.
  • offer an online mediumship program so that you can experience who you really are and how you can live with this, just like I did.

*I apply tools such as channeling, energetic blueprint and constellation work on the spot if necessary.

Do you feel you need something from me or are you curious what I can do for you in 2022, book your Soul Reading directly in my agenda (price is based on donation 💜).