This is who I am

When I am somewhere, I am there, fully present. That is my natural being, being fully present in the now. People feel drawn to it or unnerved by it. This results into meeting many different people, deep conversations about life, and attracting possibilies. Someone once said to me: it is the same like bees are drawn to honey, people are drawn to your energy.”

At a young age it was already clear that Stephanie is here to dedicate her life to help others. She saw things others couldn’t, the smallest details and the bigger picture also related to oppertunities.

This hasn’t been easy when she was younger. Stephanie felt alone, misunderstood and limited. This resulted in many years of sickness and constantly feeling that she could do more but nobody trusted her. How could anyone have this gift?

In 2012 Stephanie started with coaching because this came naturally to her. Stephanie met people who wanted to know things and she helped them by just providing her experiences.
Because of these life experiences and her endless curiosity in why things couldn’t be improved, Stephanie changed from payed employment to assignments only.

Stephanie won 4 international awards in innovation and build up companies in 1 year to achieve 3 times the result they had before by just following her vision (clairvoyant). The most important experience she felt during these assingments was that she could do so much more than she was given credit for. This resulted in 4 bore-outs and finally it became so clear that Stephanie was meant for something else, something bigger than she could have ever thought about.

In 2019 Stephanie found out that she is a twinless twin and seen from the soul Stephanie is a psychic being able to channel information from the invisible world because of her brother on the other side. In the summer Stephanie registered herself as an entrepreneur and knew immediately.. everybody is an entrepreneur when they are fully aligned with their natural being.

Since 2020 Stephanie works fulltime on her mission for everybody to get to know their natural being and express their value.

Spiritual development is so much more than knowing how to meditatie an do yoga. It requires honest and transparant communication of yourself and to others at all times.

Different than the mainstream

Stephanie works with people who feel that there is more possible for them, which means open and transparant communication with yourself, express it and stand for it. Different than the mainstream. Stephanie has a bold and ‘cut the crap’ approach. She doens’t do frills but goes directly to the depth of your being. She is a very clairsentient and sensitive human that read other souls extremely clear. Everything has a soul which she can translate very well and provides to you in a plan.¬†Gradually the embodiment of the full potential is felt in which growth is a natural effect.¬†

meant for something bigger

Stephanie is a dubble fire sign (sun sign and ascendant) and because of this she is always fierce and alive. Her whole being is the light (fire) to guide you home. Because she missed someone in her younger years, this is the drive to be there for you and create that life of your dreams. Stephanie is living proof that many souls are meant for so much more.

Stephanie her wish is to make people conscious of their possibilities and how they communicate. In other words.. how people create their life via expression. She shares her vision and wisdom wherever she goes and touches people’s heart with her bounteousness. Her love for a beautiful world is felt in everything she does. This is mainly because she knows that authenticity, mission & vission is the same seen from the soul. Everything is about connection with Your Natural Being. Stephanie can talk to anyone and no subject is difficult. That is why she prefers to work with people who also dare to follow their heart and pass on the experience for a more loving and wiser world.

soul reading

This is for you when you would like to know why you are here and what your soul plan is. Also insight in your blind spots, qualities and challenges and past life experiences. It is a perfect way to find out which steps will help you move forward.

I will call you through the requested channel provided in the booking form or we can meet offline. The reading is based on donation.