Sometimes it is hard to express a feeling into words, but rebirth is definately the word of 2021. Many of you will feel the same that we are being enlighted in so many ways; emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Some even physically like stepping into the Prana proces. Because there is a world waiting, within us. To create it’s space to expand and to express it.

2021 felt like an end and even an end has a start. I feel so much gratitude for all the choices, people who gave me support and the oppertunities that came my way in every form.

A few things that I want to point out:

🌿The fire 🔥 that I felt by choosing what feels good for me rather than staying save under the wings of my family. I’m a family person but did not find the authentic connection, but did feel it would be possible for me to find like-hearted people. It was time to stand for myself and my feelings.

🌿My intuïton and the choices that came from it. Did I not make the choice presented it would bite me in the butt as long as I needed it to make that choice. It costed me again some friendships and a lot of tears. Because also the decision to start a family myself in the Netherlands I had to let go of.

🌿100% embodiment of my pink aura. It still scares me from time to time that it has the power to heal so many people and purify them by just being in my presence regardless if it is online or offline. My vocation is presence and it was time to BE.

🌿Being a mediator of souls, angels and humans. That happened with an Indian in my practice at home. He had a massage for my client and turned out to be a relative of many generations ago. He also had a message for me: surrender to what I am.
Later on I met several people who would confirm that. My twinless twin trauma 👉🏻 is my blessing because my half is everywhere in the invisible multidimensional world extracting the knowledge of wisdom and love.

🌿My body and the care that I needed from myself. I was so used to look outside for answers. Doctors gave up, I didn’t. I came in contact with Deniz via Facebook and she shared her process of Prana and got in contact with Amudra and magically a spot got free in May to join the Pranic living retreat. That process until now healed myself in so many ways. I am grateful for these women but most of all for my confidence or inner knowing that there would be something for me to heal the conditioning and judgement and all the physical burdens that came with it 🙏🏻 it purified me to the depth of being clear in my soul expression.

🌿My soul expression and it’s continuous change is sometimes really hard. Bought a new house and it is finished, OK next change. Moving to Spain, OK next change! It’s like I am constantly shedding skin. I’m being guided and trust what I encounter. No judgement, no holding back. Now I’m in Spain I feel that I need to switch to English and next to the channeling work online I will also work offline.
I’m so happy that this is coming my way in so many different forms like Soul Readings at a retreat or in person and guidance to create the life you (and your family) want.

🌿Clarity is my language. Many people come to me rather than a doctor. I haven’t always checked up front if a person is ready for my way of working. This resulted in stopping with clients who weren’t ready for my guidance and paying them back their money. Now I realize clarity is so much more than just a language. It is a way of life. I don’t just want to help, I guide you to the Natural Being you are which will get more focus 🙏🏻 even creating a course for it.

🌿Soul family: I have met so many people. Some came and go. Some are still here. With Deniz and Vincent we merged a vision and building it together. Meeting also people who feel like family from previous lives. Friends here in Spain who are like-hearted and creating a network to be there for eachother.

🌿Bust and its builders. In the Netherlands it did not feel right to me to buy a camper and a few weeks back I send out a message where I could buy a bus camper in Spain, and they responded. BUST is the name of this green home on wheels 😍 which I will live in starting May.

For me it feels like rebirthing over and over again.

This year it will have a deeper meaning; expanding life. The life as you know it ends, for the destined life to express.

I felt a name to it which has come to me:

Your Natural Being

We will feel the longing to do things differently. And I want to invite you to expand your life from the inside out. Get to know your natural being and express it. This will be my focus in 2022 and working with alchemy and astrology to make it logical for our minds. 

It is a big step in mankind. Making your life work within limits 👉🏻 to live in total freedom. Because we are free.. you just might not see the all possibilities yet to achieve it 💜 I’m happy to help!