Community: a like-hearted connection

My mission is to connect you with your Natural way of Being so we can connect with like-hearted people. Naturally we feel we want to help eachother and work together. Therefore I feel to expand my mission in connecting all communities together and create a network of possibilities.  


Community: comm(on)-unity; 2 words with the same meaning. ‘Comm’ can also implicate ‘communication’. Either way, we can say that community stands for like-hearted people coming together and unite. Therefore the connection with heart is the baseline for creating a community. Living from the heart is mostly what we came here to do in this life. I believe that we can only create the community we desire from the inside out.  


Do you have a community and would you like to connect with other communities to share your knowledge and facilities to serve the world?

Then I am looking for you.

I’m creating a network of communities so we can share the possibilities of creating a new world; sharing knowledge and facilities. Think about a spiritual centre, food forest, school, healing centre, birthing place, yoga classes, medical care, etc.

This way you can keep your specialism and don’t need to bring it all in house yourself. 

Community life is a connection of like-hearted people with love for being and working together but also having their own space. Being in balance as our natural self in nature. 

what’s possible


You have a community and would like to connect with other communities to share knowledge and experiences. 

Think about rules and laws, how to grow as a community, create permaculture, make the ground fertile, build tiny houses, etc.

offering space & services

You have a community and would like to offer space to live and work and/ or services, then this is a great way to help eachother.

Think about renting out houses, a room for yoga or space for teachings. Or if you house a doctor or lawyer that could help out other communities, etc.

contribute to communities

You are a person or a group and don’t live in a community but would like to contribute and/ or provide your profession to a community.

Think about organising festivals or workshops, selling crops, coaching, being an extra set of hands, etc.

who am i

My name is Stephanie and I am a psychic medium with a mission to bring worlds together. I provide information to people by translating multidimensional wisdom (Akasha). Also I love to bring people together and create possibilities for each and every person. 

So let’s create that world where we help eachother move forward, inside and outside ourselves. 

Your Natural Being, your essence and divine energy, is the reason why you are born and in connection with this energy you can do and have so much more than you realise. The time is now to do the work and express your value inside out. Let’s create that world where happiness, freedom and peace are naturally present.

what’s next

1. Contact

We discuss the possibilties of joining the network with giving and receiving. 

2. Meet

We meet offline and discuss more into detail. 

3. experience

Visiting the community, experience the place and people and arrange next steps.

Connecting communities

I am in contact with the communities and visit each of them regularly.

Also I will be the messenger of information and bring people with plans into contact following the 3 steps mentioned above.

Any prices or give & receive will be arranged between the community and the other(s).

When the connection is made, I will still be the go-to person for issues or questions so the relation will stay solid.

I have always been connecting people with eachother and I am so happy I can contribute this way.

In love & wisdom,