How is life actually meant to be?

Many people wonder why they are living the life they currently have. They are looking for answers.
We are living in a world where we learned that most answers come from outside ourselves. Even after many studies and techniques we tend to think “it must be me that is doing something wrong”.

There is nothing wrong with you and the answers you are looking for cannot be find in the outside world. It is your deeper sense of self where you are being invited to connect with and learn to understand. 

Many coaches, therapists, spiritual people and very succesful entrepreneurs have found their way to me for doing a soul reading; understanding why their life is the way it is and what they can do to connect with their soul to live the life they’re meant to have.  

You are meant for something great

This is the time where we all start to realise there is more to life than just have a family, friends, a job and some excitement. We tend to feel more than we understand or have learned. This is the signal that you are invited to get to know you deeper sense of self – Your Natural Being – and how to access this potential.

Creating clarity

Who are you and why are you living the life you currently have?

Do you really understand why all these things happened in your life and why you are still blocking yourself or reacting in a certain way?

If you are an entrepreneur, do you feel deep down inside what your purpose is for this life?

I’ve guided more than 500 people and what all these beautiful souls had in common was the not-knowing of how their lives was meant to be. We have all forgotten how to connect with our soul

Age, race, education, profession.. non of these aspects matter. The only thing that is of meaning is your consciousness; are you seeing things clearly and are you aware of how you are guided?

Everybody who I speak to I can sense if they are in alignement with the soul. And therefore anybody who is interested in understanding themselves better or feeling that they can do more or be of more meaning to the world, a Soul Reading is a great way to create clarity and my 1 on 1 guidance will create and manifest the life you are meant to have.

how I work

1. Starting point

Get ready for your soul journey in exploring your natural being and all it’s magic that lies within you. To discover and heal past life trauma and to purify your frequency to expand your life (relation, money, business, health, impact) in ways you have dreamed about. We get in contact through a Soul Reading so I can see, feel and hear how your current expression is and what you need to get in alignement with your soul (plan). 

2. Clarity

Now that we know where you are, we can focus on the way forward. First to create a base line by healing past life trauma including the familiy lines, and bring clarity in your soul desire. Then to become aware of the new oppertunities that you attract with your frequency. It takes courage to follow through and trust the process but when you do you will take a quantum leap in your process. 

3. Transformation

Now that you are in motion, get ready for the transformation inside out and the transmutation of your expression which will reduce the dips in your frequency. This part represents the understanding of and alignement with your natural being and what you need to keep your frequency naturally high. You will constantly be guided, receive more and more oppertunities, connect with new people and encounter magical situations. 

4. Embodiment

It is time for expression! Here we translate your new discoveries and integrate them in every aspect of your life so you expand it with full power. This new lifestyle will give you the experience of more freedom, wealth and happiness on a deeper level with the possibility to grow in each area of your life. No more hard working, just living & working in flow. Effortlessly your frequency will create and manifest the life of your soul desire.

what they say

Stephanie opens doors, is to the point, loving and real. It is very beautiful and special how she tunes in and gives you what you need in that moment.

Krista Zwetsloot | LOV-coaching

In cooperation with Stephanie I made the choice to let go of payed employment. She felt like a warm and powerful support.

Willemijn van Duinen | Willemijn van Duinen Seksuality & womb healing

Stephanie is very clairvoyant and a sensitive human being who can read other souls amazingly well. It made things more clear in my system and gave me faith in my unique talents and qualities which I express in my business.

Marloes van Weert | Marloes van Weert Intuïtive Lifecoaching

Stephanie has given me clarity in my soul expression and made me aware of which direction I want to go. Because of her I feel the trust to go big in life and business. it is very special to work with Stephanie as she follows you on your path to guice you to extract the most out of your business and your life.  

Danny Matthijs | LifeChangers

My name is Stephanie and this means ‘coronation’ and ‘to silence’;

in being present you’ll experience your majesty

No one ever said to me that I was meant for so much more, but I did feel it already at a very young age. Reason for this thought or inner knowing was that I could not just be here in this crazy world for nothing.

Because of my twinless twin trauma, which I was not aware of until my study of Family Constellations in 2019, my life had not been easy. I was basically fighting my abilities or fighting other people who wanted to dim my light. When I met a psychic medium she pointed out that I have the same ability as her, the words infused me like medicine which was an ‘on the spot’ healing.

Now I know there is nothing to learn just to allow your magical frequency to stay high: in being present you’ll experience your majesty.

soul reading

This is for you when you would like to know why you are here and what your soul plan is. Also insight in your blind spots, qualities and challenges and past life experiences. It is a perfect way to find out which steps will help you move forward.

I will call you through the requested channel provided in the booking form or we can meet offline. The reading is based on donation.