express your value inside out

If you are a person who wants to get conscious of yourself and your expression, feels that you can do more, wants to create a new way of living and working or if you are already an entrepreneur and looking for ways to grow continuously, then you are looking for information that only you can extract. It is not about learning new things, it is about connecting with Your Natural Being and expressing it. I guide you through channeling, in which I completely tune into your energy field, and give you my loving support 24/7 in this customized transformational journey.   

In this 1:1 trajectory I guide you in:

  • bringing clarity into your life in knowing why your life is the way it is and how you can create the life you want so you will make other choices that help you grow and attract oppertunities.
  • discovering Your Natural way of Being, who you are in essence, and how you can access your inner wisdom so you feel what your natural flow is and reprogram your expression. 
  • activating your gift and change your mindset so you will feel your purpose & vocation and how you want to serve the world.
  • expressing Your Natural Being so you will create and manifest more wealth, freedom and fulfillment effortlessly in your life. 


Our natural way of being has been limited because of the system we live in. When you are feeling stuck, restless, whatever you do is not resonating with people around you or your gut tells you that there is more than that you are conscious off, this is the signal to dive deeper and get to know Your Natural Being.

Your natural being

Working together with me would be most fruitful if you feel that you can do more and want to live & work from the heart; your natural way of being. Creating a lifestyle in which you experience freedom, wealth and happiness on a deeper level. By adding your soul expression this becomes a new way of living, which I call Soulful living & working.

Also if you are already an entrepreneur and you want to maximize the expression of your value, discover your soul plan or grow continuously, this is a perfect next step for you.

what they say

Stephanie opens doors, is to the point, loving and real. It is very beautiful and special how she tunes in and gives you what you need in that moment.

Krista Zwetsloot | LOV-coaching

In cooperation with Stephanie I made the choice to let go of payed employment. She felt like a warm and powerful support.

Willemijn van Duinen | Willemijn van Duinen Seksuality & womb healing

Stephanie is very clairvoyant and a sensitive human being who can read other souls amazingly well. It made things more clear in my system and gave me faith in my unique talents and qualities which I express in my business.

Marloes van Weert | Marloes van Weert Intuïtive Lifecoaching

Stephanie has given me clarity in my soul expression and made me aware of which direction I want to go. Because of her I feel the trust to go big in life and business. it is very special to work with Stephanie as she follows you on your path to guice you to extract the most out of your business and your life.  

Danny Matthijs | LifeChangers

My name is Stephanie and this means ‘coronation’ and ‘to silence’; in being present you’ll experience your majesty

That is what we will work on when I guide you in your development. You are meant for so much more than what you do and have right now.

Because of my twinless twin trauma my life until 2019 had so many issues. I was basically fighting my abilities but how I grew up there was no space for being different. I was telling myself this, which was a surviving mechanism. When I met a psychic medium she pointed out that I have the same ability as her, the words infused me like medicine which was an ‘on the spot’ healing. 

Now I know there is nothing to learn, just to be and allow it into your life: in being present you’ll experience your majesty.

Loving & professional guidance

After months of struggling with my website, I decided to ask for help.
On the one hand, I wanted to do it myself, but I couldn’t do it.

Fortunately, I knew that Stephanie guides people in expressing their business. Stephanie asked me questions that challenged me to really think about what I wanted, what my strength is, and how I could articulate it. What didn’t work before, unfolded effortlessly.. making the website myself.

I am super happy and proud of my website. An inspired expression that would not have existed for the time being without the loving and knowledgeable guidance of Stephanie.

Diana Eldering | Touch of Happiness

Captivating and valuable for everyone

A few months ago our paths crossed and I decided to consider a few consultations from you. Unprepared, without knowing me or introducing myself, you immediately told me who I was, who I am, what I do and what I can still do. Personally unique in its entirety, every word touched me enlightening, impactful, motivating and hopeful. How beautiful, pure and clear you know how to connect through your loving deep presence to look into and sense me for a moment.

It’s still a bit hazy and far from specific to come up with a price or name as a service for it, but the first steps have been taken to connect my company to my natural being, my essence. 

This experience is so captivating and valuable for everyone, because you will immediately realize that there is more than we currently know, or in other words… that it is different than we ever understood in school long ago.

Dennis Schoofs | Universal Energetic Dynamics BV

Infectious enthusiasm

Stephanie is a bold and accessible coach. She is very knowledgeable and feels good. In addition, the conversations go naturally with her, nothing is crazy, without judgment and she likes to think along with you. She has an infectious enthusiasm which immediately takes the energy level to the next one. I can certainly recommend her.

Eefje van der Linde

how I work

1. Starting point

Get ready for your soul journey in exploring your natural being and all it’s magic that lies within you to be discovered to attract the life (and business) you desire by expressing your value out in the world. We get in contact through a Soul Reading to create clarity in where you are and what your starting point is.

2. Next steps

Now that we know where you are, we can focus on the way forward. With your vision and desire in mind we will create a base line for you to take the first few steps and attract new oppertunities. This way you create space for changes to happen that will boost your trust in the process.

3. Transformation

Now that you are in motion, get ready for the transformation inside out. This part represents the understanding of and alignement with your natural being and how you can support yourself going forward. With this experience you will get more and more familiar with the guidance and strong inner knowing that is always there to help you. Also your purpose and gift will be felt so you are ready for the next phase.

4. Embodiment

It is time for expression! Here we translate your gifts and integrate them in your expression in every aspect of you life so you expand your life. This new lifestyle will give you the experience of more freedom, wealth and happiness on a deeper level with the choice to make a living with it. No more hard working, just living & working in flow. Effortlessly your frequency will create and manifest the life you desire.

soul reading

This is for you when you would like to know why you are here and what your soul plan is. Also insight in your blind spots, qualities and challenges and past life experiences. It is a perfect way to find out which steps will help you move forward.

I will call you through the requested channel provided in the booking form or we can meet offline. The reading is based on donation.